So, anyone know what happened to these players?

Where is @splatter ? Was a good player and forum member. Where’s he gone?

That’s what i was noticing.

He is a good man

yeah,i’m also wondering.I heard somewhere that he’s busy studying for his exams,but that was a month ago. :thinking:



He’s fine. He just doesn’t want to play SM anymore.



So a true man of action, not just empty words.

Wanted to quit, so just left. No ‘I’m leaving/quitting’ sob stories or grandiose announcements. Just gone.

Good for him!

Respect and best wishes to @Splatter


I miss Sita

there are some people could follow that example
(but if not that way, at least should keep it…)

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nice… but sad.
20 sad sads

I miss @L4K3 too…

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Yeah, where is he?

20 wheres

It’s all a Mr.E

BTB is incapable of moving on with bringing members in or out with out him

Nice pun :+1:t2:

Now I’m a bit concerned. Does nobody have contact with him other than here?

I hope he’s okay!


I know his Facebook… but never messaged him or friended him.

Maybe check on him. Let us know he’s okay if you do.

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Will do, absolutely.


Trans and Dank said that he’s MIA.
Meaning that he is doin something with life.

Missing In Action… I know

Hopefully it is

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Wherever he is, I hope he lives a good life.

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splatter, 2nd goat.