Smurfs.... i hate em

so for the last 3 days when i try to get those 5 wins (multiplayer) and this is like the 7th time i encounter this dude, is this a glitch or is this just a 1 in a 10000 chance or something? i hate him

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he is just 2-3 ranks below as he should, maybe he didnt play since arena reset, maybe had bad fights

ask me too …
everything is “random” in this game !!! (irony)

no it’s been 3 constant days that i’ve encountered him, he keeps saying JUST AS PLANNED or PERFECT SHOT everytime he hits me. he’s a 100% dick.


9 times the same player in just 2 hours … !!
you still have a way to go to reach me

i should smurf to kick his ass


its not that bad… just quit when you find him and problem solved

Well, biggest problem of low ranks… only what you can do is overpass it. That was be a good thing if devs added lock on r10 how on r5


thanks dad This text will be blurred

yeah but does that solve the problem? i’ve encountered him over 7 times now. no doubt he will return tomorrow to haunt me.

make a mech to counter him

stuck with him for now. you can’t really do much about it

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unless i jump in there and help my beloved son @Z.E.R.O

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you become a smurfer

yeah, but only to look for that guy

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:heart: This text will be blurred

HE HAS A MAX FRANTIC AND MAX TORSO AND A MAX damm what’t that thing called again? the physical version of my top laser weapon.

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  • Bring EMP
  • Kick his ass
  • Problem solved
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don’t have an EMP
He has really high energy regen
He kicks my ass

Define “really high”