Smurfer Encounters

Basically post anyone who is definitely not meant to be in that rank. Any encounters, big or small. I go first.
This guy was rank 12, despite being able to do good in rank 10.
I didn’t get a shot of his rank, which was 12 no lies, but this is just unfair. And the game crashed after he tore both my mechs limb from limb while only losing half his first mech’s health.


There’s a tactic to derank yourself so you can get more wins.


That doesn’t mean it isn’t irritating to face one of these people. I understand if you do, but please don’t.

I don’t derank myself, but there are people in my clan who do.


That dude could not reach rank 10.

Rank 10 is at least 1 fully maxed mech without modules. He might reach it, but he’ll drop to rank 11.

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A smurf would have multiple max myths. At lower ranks, it’s not uncommon to get matched with a mechs that happen to counter yours to an absurd degree. It’s just a matter of which mods/weapons they chose to max first. Smurfs do exist - but that guy probably wasn’t one of them.

And just so you know, once you reach rank 5 you can’t drop out of it until season end. So top rankers can’t smurf (fortunately).


Buddy had a full max myth mech at r10, not to mention what in the p2w ■■■■ is he doing lmao. First mech had all 3 prots, second had a max prot. On top of that, over 500 en and 500 heat cap… How much money :rofl:

And what difference between 12 and 10? Please!

Also note that each week you restart the game 2 below ranks. That means that even a rank 1 player can take a vacation for a couple of months (he´s entitled) and when returns he may be on rank 10, rank 12 or even lower … and that’s not smurf! Is a problem of the game system.

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Explain how I have r7 with my mechs not fully maxed. I the only things maxed are torso and a couple weapons. No mods, legs drone or utilities maxed

I met a person att rank 23 with fully maxed mythics

It’s because you have skill, or some really good items.

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And I never said modules needed to be maxed, only torso, legs, weapons and drone, maybe utilities.

Only good item is abomination :stuck_out_tongue:
Guess I just have lots of skill :slight_smile:

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I have an alt that’s consistantly rank 9 with 1 myth, and fighting mostly mythed mechs. a lot of this game is skill and experience @R.A.M.B.O so that’s why.


Whit 1 full mythed mech u can be in a 10rank. I whit 1 full mythed and second half mythed reach 8rank. It’s only a cry babes :sob: what some smurfing.

Ah, the good ol’ days when I was rank 7 with 3 myth torsos.