Smurf Du Jour (Smurf of the day)


I thought it would be fun to have a topic where we share the smurfs we encounter throught your climb. Found this guy on my alt at rank 8. He needs to move up huh?


Ah,i know him.
He was AFK when i meet him,right now,so that’s why he got AFK.


just because he is rank 8 doesent mean he is a smurf, i am rank 5-6 but it takes me much time and patiens to climb up the ranks and you will see how easy you can loose against the higher players mechs…


Hunt him down!Avenge our brother!
Kill all the smurfs!


Lmao everyone thinks I’m a smurf because I’m at rank 8-7 and have a “maxed myth” mech.

But my modules aren’t even past legendary/mythical level 1


Mine is worse.

Because of my Claws, Spartan and Ash Creator ONLY, they think I am a “filthy P2W”.


Obviously that guy had some pretty good modules, and could hang around 5. But I get it on the parts thing. I have better parts on my nub file than I do the file I threw a little change at and play all the time.


oof. The infamous rank 16. My second acc is average 17-16 and those smurfs are quite hard to get past.


Its season start and everyone got downranked, the fck u want from him


It wasnt at the time. I understand how it works, but whatever.