Smash Bros Ultimate with a Plate of Salt


Hmmm. This game. Being titled the “ultimate.” From where I see, it is still in it’s development stage. Glitches are everywhere people. Get ready for some breaking of the game!

First. I will like to say that Smash Ultimate is indeed, a very fun game. Close to melee, or maybe even better!
Although. We still have many glitches that go along with this great game.

I will be noting them down…

  1. Infinite assist trophies
  2. OP characters.

2 things. Doesn’t seem that much huh?
Well. Question for you. What do you think


For those who do not play the game. This is not a normal thing. You are only able to spawn in 1 of these monstrous helpers.
And boy do I still have to go over the op characters.

King K. Rool

There are a few more, but these are the main 6 I will be going over. To start off with.

Richter and Simon. People who play these characters only use their special moves. And woo boy are we in for a ride. They can hit you from 300 miles away. Not only does Simon and Richter have strong spacing tools, they are able to kill you at reasonable percents. The only thing that is holding them back are their recoveries. Although, people found ways to work around this.

Luigi. Got heavily nerfed. His grab now sucks and his down special does not send him upwards anymore. Wow, he got nerfed? How is he op? He can kill you at 0 percent the moment he grabs you. Sure. It can be easy to work around with. But he is still a good over all character, if you know how to use him and control the stage.

Pichu and Pikachu. I will say, these 2 characters are the ones I play the most. But this doesn’t take away the fact that they are still very good characters. Pichu is very small and is the lightest character in the game. Meaning Pichu can die fairly easily. Although, it is Pichu’s light weight and small size that can give you a huge advantage. Being lighter will give you a better chance of getting out of deadly combos. Pikachu is technically the same but heavier and bigger. Pichu does more damage than pikachu normally does, but it can do self harm from electric based attacks. Pikachu is weaker, but does not do self harm. Both of these characters are really good, and have an insanely good combo game. And also can kill you at around 20% percent depending on the situations. (Oh and Pichu’s self damage from Melee have been hugely reduced.)

Peach and Daisy. They were usually the quote on quote “bottom tier characters.” But in this game they are no joke. Their air game is great and can kill at insane percents. Not to mention the turnips they can pull up that do huge amounts of damage to you. (Also has a very low chance of plucking out a Bomb and a Mr. Saturn.) They are also very fast in this game and have very solid hit boxes.

Palutena. About the same with Peach and Daisy, but received another huge buff. Her “Counter” attack is now a counter and a reflector at the same time. Leaving room for one more move, which is well. A distant explosion that can kill you very easily and can be very hard to dodge at times. Her air game is very good, but not as good as Peach and Daisy from my perspective.

Now, the big character that is still quite broken in this game.

King K. Rool.

So what should I say about him?
Armor in all of his moves
2 Spikes
More than 2 kill confirms
2 Moves that can put you into the ground
Great kill power
Good combo game
Really insane recovery that is hard to punish
A counter and a reflector
Great air game
Great ground game
2 Projectiles that are very good
Heavy weight so is hard to KO
Fairly fast
Insane down smash
Good final smash

Basically everything all the other characters I mentioned before.

I wouldn’t say I am “salty.”
But I will say that this game is still pretty broken.


Thats why you dont buy switch


its fine buddy just deal with it
why you play pichu i could kill you pretty quickly
if you need just ask me


I said I also play Pikachu. And also Pichu is fun :stuck_out_tongue: And it he is still a good character.
Better than in melee for one. His self damage is reduced a whole ton, one of the faster characters in the game, small, and good combo game.


i ment i can kill pichu in a min
whats the character you use a lot?


Pichu :confused:
Pikachu and Pichu are my mains.
K-Rool and Cloud are seconds.
Richter and Snake are pockets.


ah mines are
lucina and bayonetta main
snake and cloud seconds
and thats about it


bayonetta got heavily nerfed but she still gives me anxiety xd


hehehe still able to murder quite a lot of people with her online
she was pretty scary at the start
how long did it take you to unlock all the characters?


Isn’t this a SuperMechs and BattleDawn Forum?


its in off topic buddy so no really in here


That made… no sense


its in the off topic section, so no


I mean…
Its cut in 3 sections. One is super mechs and other is dawn. Off topic is where you can talk about anything :confused:


Fair Enough, but I was flagged once and warned that this is a SM and BD Forum for talking to rc1 about other games…


Then again the forums isn’t how it once was so.


thats not a monstrosity!
thats a beauty!
how could you call this a monstrosity?!


thats pure ridicule


The waluigi’s are destroying Isabelle :sob: