Smaller package fuel

I play for 2 weeks but I never bought fuel refill.
Why? Because it’s a waste. I mean you pay 30 tokens for 10-20 fuel (that is always left until the next level)
And if my fuel was 0 - I would still pay 30 tokens for a refill of 70 fuel. So you feel ripped off.

My proposal is - to offer users smaller packages of fuel like 10 fuel for 7 tokens, 20 fuel for 10 tokens, 30 fuel for 15 tokens, and so on.
This way - you get exactly what you pay for, and I am sure - the developers would get many more sales this way.


you know what would work better? just get rid of the energy system and let people play as much as they want.
energy systems just punish players who like the game and want to play more.

I do recognize the developers’ desire to make profit (they make it by selling tokens, and by giving affiliate fees to websites from which people play, for tokens)
It is either you pay for the game itself - or you have some item in game that limits gameplay, which you pay to receive more of. This is how most of the browser games work. It is more profitable than just selling the game once. You get a customer that pays a lot more over time.
Still if you want to make money - make it worth the while for the customer.

I remember battle credits, fights were limited for BOTH campaign and ladder it was horrible

I think it would be cool to do something like 5* the fuel regen for an hour or something. (I haven’t worked out whats worth doing or not)