Small alliances eras


Stop making every damn era so small. (as in per player in a team)


At this speed we will become like Kong in a year or 2.

(We are currently actually how Kong used to be back in 2014)


Worst year I think was 2016, I think we’re actually growing a little bit again.

I agree with Greeny tho, make bigger team worlds more focused on strategy and team play, since small team worlds can be won with a lot of activity and boosting :\


it’s nice to have a little variety. don’t like small teams maybe dont come to e5 and e3, there’s like 5 other servers all with larger alliance size.

don’t come to a football club and demand they play rugby.

dude, the game has been getting more competitive over the past months. I’m not saying it’s what it once was but we’re no longer on a downward trend, I wish people would stop bitching about the game just because it’s trendy.


Small team servers are spreading like some virus, rather than variety it’s becoming a trend, all admins are following it now, first only G2-G1 and E5 were small team servers, then they made M2 also small team, then E3 also small team (almost a solo now), and F1 team size also reduced and now F3 too. I guess there are not enough people left to make 2-3 competitive alliances on each server, so they are reducing team sizes everywhere just like galaxy and Kong, G3 might also be a small team server next Era, which will leave only E1, E2, M1 and F2 as 10 man team servers.

I like to be optimistic about things, but sorry I am not blind.


With lower the alliance size you’re going to see family teams like mine bring more than 1 team to play. Which isn’t what the admins want. The game can only bring so much hugging till it kills another server in which is happening to these smaller eras even the solo era.

Fix something fix it fast.

Small alliance worlds kill the game imo yes having 2-3 is fine but when you don’t tell players or family teams a head time you will see them bring 2-4 teams with them. Instead of normally 1-2.


First they axed m3 completely, then e3 switched from 12 man eras to small team eras. Now f3 is 5 man…

This basically leaves no options for people that want to play as a team on 3 tickers.


It’s really losing out on a hell of a lot of potential players. There are only two 3 ticker servers left since M3 closed, M1 became purely 1 ticker and F5 closed. Where are the options for us admins?