SM Wallpaper(s)!


@Battlesquid and @PFAHLMANN,

Sorry if the torso images are very, can’t find any bigger resolutions… Except for Metrolens.

For PFAHLAMANN, Metrolens :



@cyanine beautiful…THANK YOU !!!


Someone make a power kit wallpaper


@Battlesquid mate. Very good work. Thanks on behalf of the silent ones.
Here is your reward, i bestow a platinium plate:




I got a picture of my favorite version of Ronin ^^



omg this is zarkares xdddd


Added everyone’s requests to my list :slight_smile:. They should all be out by late July, if not then sometime in August (cause of restrictions on computer usage at home :frowning:).

Thanks all for the patience! :smiley:


If you can please make wallpaper with Grim Reaper or God Mode torso (legacy)


@cyanine @KilliN @Winz_Kay



That’s really amazing, how can I give back?


Lol, I don’t want anything back, I just think this is really fun :smiley:. Seeing people liking my work is a pretty great reward itself.


Really? i see you don’t have a profile bg >_>


Wats a profile bg question mark


This image behind


Found it in preferences and added one. Thanks for pointing that out, didn’t know about that :+1:.


If you make spider and brutality I will probably make a meme on it.

Or maybe I can’t



If the colors aren’t to your liking, you can request for a color change (goes for all wallpapers).


I’m going to die by happines right now.


I love this