SM Wallpaper(s)!


I made a Naga wallpaper, here it is. I might make some more later :slight_smile:

I also have a version without the lines, if anyone is interested I’ll post that too.


That’s awesome.

What program do you use?


If you make a Zarkares wallpaper- thats going on my phone


And if you make an Avenger one, will be on my desktop.




Amazing…make a Windigo one and I will love you forever.

I must once again state how nice that looks.


That’s amazing!
I’m using it as my desktop’s background.
Great job,@Battlesquid!


Yes,I’d like the version without the lines,too!


I think any wallpaper with this quality could go on my laptop ^^

Great job ! :smiley_cat:

Can’t wait to see the others ^^

(P.S. if you mind doing a Ronin, I’ll love you (friendily ^^))

Edit: I can’t decide myself on which tier of Ronin…(rare-to-legend ^^)
I prefer the epic one over the legendary, but I have to see the rare version to be sure ^^


Looks like a Minion

It looks awesome though!




Holy crap, came back to all these compliments, thanks so much guys! :smiley:

I used Gravit Designer for this, which is free for usage. Neat tool.

I’ll make all the wallpapers y’all suggested, starting at the top of the thread. I’m only able to be online for three guarenteed days of each week in July, and when school starts I’ll be on every day of the week, but I should be able to roll out some.

Thanks all for the support! :smiley:

Also, here’s Naga w/out lines.


I will follow suit.


@dankmementos what is your phone resolution (or screen size)? Not sure if desktop will work well for mobile.

Here’s a desktop version though :slight_smile: . I might rework some things cause I don’t feel fully satisfied with it.

EDIT: Feel better with this one:


This lad.
God someone give him a medal


Holy F*** that looks dank


Naga approves.


Also can you make an Avenger, Archimonde, and Brutality? I would love them, especially Archimonde. Nothing is better than a wallpaper of an crappy robotic Samurai torso.


i am an old guy and i am retro
i would love to see the legacy metrolens if you can do…which is my all time favorite

it would go to my desktop as well…


Also for the times sake, can you make my ALL TIME most favorite looking Legacy Torso, Ultraspade? Along with Spider?

Ultraspade :


Spider :



@cyanine if you have access, can you present metrolens for me?