SM trigger moments

Line ups are sht ngl
Big trigger moment

More like

Losing a battle that you were obviously supposed to win but you suddenly lost bcuz of disconnections

That rlly psses me off >:(


Get new internent bruh

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Here’s an trigger moment from me
Godfukin damn 3v3.
I really need to wait for 2v2 or 1v1.

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Trying to go to that 1 higher spot, just one last battle. Loosing miserably, enjoying a bad streack, ending up in the depth of the ranking. Self arsehaulness triggered.

That’s it im not gonna call 3v3 anymore.
Ima just call LG’s heaven.

Ive fused at least five max mythicals.

Where’s the screenshot for double trigger moment

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Ever more triggering:

your opponent stay alive with less than 1HP left


I deleted them sorry.

Well that triggers me,gongrats i guess.

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Here’s an trigger moment from this fam,bad luck moment

Also you guys are free to post bad lucks or trigger moment so I can just end myself.

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Also triggered by same builds, this really ugly.


Oh my god ofc,hybrid builds are just trigger moment.

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Not even hybrid. This meele weps on one side. Rly annoying.

im back

I was reffering to the top wepon
Also would like to see more trigger mech aids if you put ults and mods though.

this thread makes me angery

Something like this, ha?