SM tourney not ending?


So like whats up with this?
Why isnt it ending on time? This is the second week in a row. The ladder system is already terrible, and now we dont even know when the tourney ends? Talk about unfair.




Yup…I’m potentially losing a gold medal here…


actually conqui was in 1st when it ended.
but it does show differently for people so theres that too.


Another issue that needs to be fixed…


So how will the medals be distributed? Whoever is in 1st-3rd when the tourney appropriately ended or who is 1st-3rd whenever they decide to reset the damn thing?


5th Place: Welcome To The Jungle with…163 wins and 99 loses! I don’t even understand how the ranking works…


Lol mocha he beat gangue with pads, which bumped him up A LOT cuz gangue was in the top 2 or 3 atm, or even 1st place.


Of course the pads are involved why am I suprised. This really sucks now what more if he jumped to 1-3?


i was in 1st for hours and hours lmaoooo and then the tourney resets after i need to go to sleep.
But hey whatever.