SM Reloaded Upgrading Issue

So the inventory restriction will be released soon, it is expected that legacy players get rid of unwanted items via upgrading. I am unsure of others but at least for myself I have over 2000 items, I wont have enough gold to upgrade those items into 115. Maybe we could remove gold costs for upgrading until the restriction goes live?

Yes, I already suggested this and tagged all the main developers. They should see my topic.


Awesome! I am worried about the community, no one seems happy about the update.

Yes… that is because nearly everyone hates it.

I want to give it a chance, but I can’t due to a certain disgusting thing. (fusion costs)

The team is discussing options for helping players use their legacy items.
In the meantime, I highly suggest using as many legacy items as possible to boost the new items.
As soon as I have an update I will post it on the fourms.

Yo tengo el problema es que tengo en la parte de modulos bloqueado 4 casillas en mi cuenta de supermechs que tiene nivel 33 y que tiene algunos mas
Pero en otra que me ise y que es nivel 30 tiene solo uno bloqueado es muy raro