#SM ReBroken (Update ruins game)

with the latest update of supermechs i find that rather than enhancing the game you basically scrapped it. everything old is obsolete and basically useless. mythicals are meaningless, old pros are now trash, and our years of work are now being thrown out the window.

i am asking from the bottom of my heart that you revert the changes made, and instead create instead another game so to not waste your work. this is too much for the community to handle, i barely understand fusion anymore. MANY people dislike the new update seeing it as you guys trying to squeeze more money out of us, trying to get us to pay more money into the game to get back on top. (and it kinda is, everything we have, our mechs, items, and strategies, are all going down the drain)
if you look in the english top ranks discussion all you see is people saying “update is trash” “mythicals obsolete” “is this still SM” “im quitting this ****”. i think i speek for a large majority of top rank player when i say bring back the old SM. cause your gonna see a lot less people loggin on every day if you dont
i love SM and i have for years, its one of my favorite games of all times, but with this new update… this isnt even the same game, and i think others see it this way too. pls bring back the old SM.


How does a top player get killed in 2 shots? Update sm and maoing EVERY noob OP why don’t ya oh and btw why not make gaining smcoins like trying to pick pennies off the streets for a living, sm is trash now i probably gonna do what i did to sm back in 2016, which is leave the game and come back after 6 months and restart