SM Powerscaling and Calculations (Updated)

So the SM Powerscaling and Calculations thread i made before was using the size comparison between the real life GAU-8 Avenger and the Iron Bark shotgun, which is one of the longest weapons in this game, the results turned to be rather small, with Max Mythical/Divine Mechs with L-M items only being rated up to Large Building Level

In one of the replies, @Bioniclefan414 suggested to redo the calculation, but using Boomwitch as a point of reference rather than the Iron Bark shotgun.

And now i’m redoing the calculation

Here we go.

  1. Size
    Like before, we’re using the GAU-8 Avenger rotary autocannon as a point of reference.


The size of a GAU-8 Avenger with all it’s bells and whistles is almost 20 feet long (a bit over 6 meters) (from the tip of the muzzle to the rearmost point of it’s ammunition system.)

If we assume the Boomwitch to be the same size as the GAU-8 Avenger, then Boomwitch’s length will be 6 meters.

Using pixel scaling from the picture above, the Boomwitch itself is 90 pixels long. This should equate to:

1 Meter: 15 Pixels
1 Pixel: 6,666667 Centimeters

The height of my mech is 253 Pixels tall. 253/15*1 equates to 16.8666667 meters, let’s just round it up to 17 meters (almost 56 feet tall). This is 10 times higher than an average human and taller than most 3-storey buildings.

The Buggy’s height (not counting for the weapons) is 79 pixels, 79/15 x 1 equates to 5.26667 meters. Let’s just round it to 5.3 meters.

The Buggy’s length is 133 pixels, 133/15 x 1 equates to 8.86667 meters. Let’s just round it to 8.9 meters.

At a length of almost 9 meters and a height of 5.3 meters, this Buggy is bigger than an M1 Abrams Tank, which measures at 9,7 meters long and 2,44 meters tall.

  1. Speed


Using pixel scaling, i have determined that the length of one block is 165 pixels.The length of the Buggy in this picture is 123 pixels.

165/123 x 9 = 12.07 meters.

The length of one “block” is just over 12 meters (39,3 feet.)

I’m going to use the same time values as the previous thread:

Disclaimer: This is measured at 2x speed. Actual speed is only half of this.

Disclaimer 2: The way I found these number is by measuring the time of each action on @Dwightx’s " Supermechs :partly_sunny: Ending A T-Rex III :sauropod:" YouTube video, which could possibly be slightly slowed down (although, i find this unlikely) to fulfill the 10 minute extra ads YouTube video.

I measured the time it needs to do a walk and jump on a mech. On the PC version of Supermechs at 2x speed it takes 1,1 seconds to do a 1 block walk and 0,8 seconds to do a 2 block jump (measured from the mech lifts off until it lands). With rollers it took 1,3 seconds to move 3 block.

With this we can determine the speed of each method. With walking, the speed is 10,9 m/s, which is 39,24 Km/h or a bit over 24 mph. For jumping the speed is 30 m/s which is 108 km/h or just over 67 mph. For rollers the speed is 27,7 m/s which is 99,72 km/h or 61,96 mph. For comparisons sake, A mech with rollers at 2x speed could break the 60 mph highway speed limit in America, and is faster than any robot in “War Robots”

As a bonus, I will also do the speed calculation for Jumping using Space Invader. The time it takes from the mech starts going airborne until it lands is 2,2 seconds. This will translate into 16,36 m/s which is 58,8 km/h or roughly 36,6 mph for the average speed. But the mech stops moving horizontally and starts to hover over it’s landing place at the 0,8 second mark, the rest of the time is for firing the weapon and landing. So the peak speed is 45 m/s which is 162 km/h or slighly above 100 mph.

  1. Range

The weapon in the SM Arsenal that has the farthest range is the Scopes, which has a range of 8 “blocks”, this equates to 96 meters of maximum attacking range, which is rather short as an AK-47 has a maximum effective range of 400 meters. Although I suspect this is just because of game mechanics, if these kind of robots existed in real life it will likely be much, much longer.

  1. Stamina

Stamina seems to be infinite, as long as the mech isn’t severely damaged it can likely function indefinitely as the Energy modules can regenerate energy after every turn, and even then Energy is not required for basic functions like walking, jumping, and firing energy-free weapons.

As for overheating, double shutdown/cooldown likely took 30 seconds, as that’s the time limit in Arena and double shutdown likely took all of it for cooling down, leaving you with no time left.

  1. Weight.

The GAU-8 Avenger weighs 1800 Kilograms. If the Boomwitch is equal to the GAU-8 Avenger in weight, that means 65 “Kg” in Supermechs equals to 1800Kg in real life, which means that 1 “Kg” in SM equals to 27,7 Kilograms in real life.

A mech with 1000 “Kg” in SM will weight 27,7 Tons in real life.

  1. Attack Potency/Destructive Capacity

I’ll be reusing some of the ratios and numbers in my previous thread.


I will be using the pictures above for calculation.

I rigged up a custom mech just for testing purpose, the opponent mech is from the first level of 1v1 campaign that will pretty much get one-shotted by most mythical weapons.

Assuming my size calculation above are correct, we can calculate the height of the opponent mech.

My mech is 458 pixels tall and the opponent mech is 311 pixels tall. If my mech is 17 metres, then the height of the opponent mech is

17*(311/458) = 11.5436681223

We’ll just round it up to 11,55 metres (37,8 foot)

IMG_20191116_165058 IMG_20191116_165218

These two pictures are cropped from the same picture. The explosion is caused by a Mythical Grim Cobra. The opponent mech is 145 pixels tall, and the explosion is 163 pixel in diameter. If the opponent mech is 11,55 metres tall then the explosion diameter is

11,55*(163/145) = 12.3655172414

We’ll just round it up to 12,4 meters. Which 6,2 metres in radius.

According to this list from VS Battles Wiki from the Non-nuclear explosions section

A non-nuclear explosion with a radius of 6,2 meters is barely above the minimum to be classified as Small Building Level

Now if we assume that an Epic level Grim Cobra produces the same explosion as the Mythical one (I’m not sure about this, but i’m gonna assume it is).This means an Epic grade weapon is Small Building Level. A Mythical one, which is multiple times more powerful than a similar Epic weapon, and then you add the 20% extra damage from Arena Bonus on top of it, can be classified as either Building Level or Large Building Level for the more powerful weapons like Scopes and Bunker Shell.

Due to the fact that a mech can launch 2 attacks in a single turn (3 if you count the drone), the Attack Potency ranges from Large Building Level to City Block Level for mechs with premium items.

  1. Durability

First I’m going to measure durability for mechs with very high durability, the one with multiple platinum plates and L-M resistance module.

Using Lord Gorgon’s old Dual Deso mech as an example, which has 3059 HP, and 77 Physical resistance. If Lord Gorgon’s mech is attacked only using Night Eagle, which has 318 average damage (with Arena Bonus, 265 without Arena bonus), and is classified as Building Level It will take roughly 13 shots until Lord Gorgon’s mech is destroyed. Making Lord Gorgon’s mech likely having Multi-City Block Level Durability.

Now i’m going to measure the durability of lower-end mechs with only Iron Plates and Savior Resistance module.

This is a more common F2P mech. With 3 iron plates and a Savior Resistance Module, It has 2162 HP and 53 Physical Resistance. If this mech is only attacked using Night Eagle, which has 318 Average damage (with arena bonus) it will take 9 shots to destroy this mech. Making this mech likely having City Block Level durability.

  1. Striking Strength.

Striking Strength is the amount of physical force an individual can deal out in a single strike.

The size alone means that SM Mechs can crush houses and smaller buildings by just bulldozing it or jumping over it. This feat alone is already At least Small Building Level

The heaviest melee weapon that a mech can equip is a Viking Hammer, which weighs 63 “Kg”, this equates to 1744 Kilograms in real life. Not only the mech is capable of swinging around that giant hammer with ease, it can even knock a Building-sized mech 3 blocks away (36 meters) with it. This feat can be classified as Building Level

  1. Lifting Strength

Lifting Strength refers to how much mass can an individual lift.

Now in SM, mechs didn’t lift anything. So i calculate the Lifting Strength based on the total weight of weapons (and only weapons, not modules or utilities) you can stick on it before it overweighs.

This is an average High rank, balanced physical mech without it’s weapons.

With the absolute maximum weight limit being 1010 “Kg”, there’s only 180 “Kg” of headroom for weapons. That means this particular setup can only “lift” 180 “Kg” worth of weapons. This equates to just under 4984 Kilograms, or just under 5 Tons. According to VSBattleWiki, this is classified as Class 5. Of course the actual lifting strength varies from mech to mech, with lighter more offensive-oriented mech typically having higher lifting strength.

SM Mech’s Lifting Strength varies from mech to mech, ranging from Class 5 (1000-5000 Kilograms) to Class 10 (5000 to 10000 Kilograms)

  1. Tier

With all the calculations i have done above. I concluded that a max mythical SM Mech can be rated from Large Building Level to City Block Level depending on the configuration and the Premium items it has (or lacks).

On VSBattlesWiki, the tier is from 8-C to 8-B

End of topic.

So, what do you think of my calculations?


Too much words I did see my name mentioned. You say you watch my ads? :smile:

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Sorry this might sound a bit offensive, but since I used one of your YouTube videos to measure the time needed for actions in my speed calculation section, I’m telling people that the mech speed can be a bit higher because there’s a chance (not saying you’re doing it, but just a possibility) that you slightly slowed down the footage so the video length is over 10 minutes, (since your particular video I used for reference suspiciously has a length of 10 minutes and one second) a common tactic used by YouTubers to gain extra cash.

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Thats a great idea. I should probably do that and no I dont do that to make my videos longer. I just record more footage :slight_smile: I also like to make my videos a certain time because I have. A little OCD, its satisfying to see the numbers 27:27 10:01 25:25 20:00 etc


Ah, OK. Thanks for the clarification. Oh and the slowdown is usually very very light, probably just to add some extra seconds for the 10 minute mark.


That’s some insane durability, wow. I’m gonna try and calculate the avenger’s recoil to know just how much recoil the mech can cancel out, either through countering force or sheer dampening

Huh, so these mechs are really not that tall. Well I might as well play MechWarrior MMO cuz those things are HUGE!!!

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sorry these are bohemian villages for me.
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nevertheless i find your science very interesting.:+1:

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then explain the ruins on the campaign map, especially the giant tank in the middle of scavenger pass

Alright, so I figured out that mechs are able to counteract 45 KN of force with no effect in the case of a Boomwitch.
Thats some insane stuff.
Edit: @Padaruyos can you calculate how long it takes to knock an opponent back one unit?

OH GOD I ran some numbers about how much kinetic energy is generated by a mech assuming it is knocked back one unit over one second (Gravity/air resistance not included)
It’s 1994400 J. That’s some big numbers