SM is just a game of luck

At this point, Supermechs has become a game of pure luck. There is absolutely no skill required to play whatsoever. You need luck to get good items. You need luck to get good matches. You need luck with RNG on how much damage a weapon does. Good players aren’t “good” players. They’re lucky players.


Thats true up to r4. After that strategy starts to be quite a parameter

You can always buy tokens.
I’m gonna assume you are f2p: what did you expected if not a RNG based game (like 99% of the other mobile games out there)?

Ranting for the sake of ranting isn’t really useful, you can both adapt to the game or leave it.
On a side note I’ve did it to Rank2 with a non premium mech last two league seasons, so maybe you are doing something wrong.

And what’s even worse is this absolutely retarded matchmaking.

They should make it so that MM should at least somewhat take your mech into account. Otherwise, people like those above can just pummel others by dropping a few.

And you can see the massive power difference from rank 10 and rank 9.

If your mech is undeveloped and u get a win streak, eventually u will be matched up with an enemy u objectively can’t defeat, your mech is just not ready for it, i suggest u to spend more time farming and upgrading your items.

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Thats the point of time when not all people manage to have plat plates , valiant snipers , bunker shells , magma blasts or L-M items in general
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Also complaining about an energy mech and not having even one energy engine on your mech isn’t exactly brilliant.
If you don’t carry energy engines you are supposed to lose vs energy mechs.

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This is the price u pay going for 2/3 or 1/3, that’s a personal choice…

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With physical vs physical, is all about good RNG
But you still need skill tho,I always beat energy mechs who have more energy cap than me because of a certain strategy (I can’t explain it)

Here’s a tip:
Malice beam before Valiant sniper

I don’t even have a valiant sniper…


Same. All I do is… uh… it’s a secret…

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