SM Discord server

I have been around on the forums here for not too long but everybody seems really nice and willing to help others and I thought quick interaction and talking could be easier / more fun through other means like a Discord server.
All the other SM Discord servers I have seen are dead. So I want your opinions if you would be interested in joining a SM Discord server ? / Do you think a SM Discord server would be useful ?. If enough players think its useful / want to join it I would be more than happy to manage the server and try to keep it alive .

  • I don’t see the point of it
  • It would be useful / I would join it

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I already have one, but it’s more of a server we use to talk garbage in (what a surprise!) than actual SM discussions. :stuck_out_tongue:


We already have the forums. The only reason people would join a discord as well would be so they couldn’t get banned.





To clarify about me finding most people I have interacted with nice / friendly is probably because I’m used to communities that are a lot more toxic than SM .

Besides as you pointed out the possibility of being banned could be a reason to join it which I didn’t consider yet,
Discord could offer interaction in a more chatty way than we have in the forums and of course also voice channels .
Regardless thanks for sharing your opinion with me (us).

This is pretty much it for me.

If you seen how I am in game, you will know I love to insult the developers. The only reason why I’m not doing it here is because the forum has rules regarding that. :slight_smile:

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join the bunneh’s server bruh

#bunneh is love, bunneh is life


Join the server if you wish to see anime pics


Nah meng u not gettin’ u perms back

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Did you miss an ‘s’ in there? :smiley:

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You’re welcome :wink:

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We could give it a try but it’s probaly not going to work well ._.

So i tried to create a discord server :

have fun there and message me if you have any good ideas for that discord channel :slight_smile:
I’m trying my best to organize that ._.

sen me the link right now please

Its in his bio

1 day flushy club link

Well you guys could try out mine ._. It isn’t that bad.

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