SM devs cutting boxes


@Sarah247 @jonny @Mohadib

I had ~39k tokens. finally got around to buying some premium packs. bought 125 premium packs (20k worth of tokens)

i go into my inventory and start moving things around and fusing things. I do not open any of my unopened boxes. I go back to my unopened boxes and see this bullshit.

this is next-level scamming. i bought those tokens fair and square for my own money, so i would think the boxes belong to me. you can claim that it wasn’t the SM team intentially cutting boxes, but the fact remains that the SM team was aware of a bug that deletes unopened boxes yet they did absolutely nothing to fix it. they have been messaged more than once, and Sarah was tagged in a thread about it. so, in a sense, Mohadib and his team are responsible.

It’s one thing to just make an update making items useless or OP and messing with people. but another thing to put in microtransactions into a game and have a bug that takes away players’ money-bought items. This is straight up illegal. i sent a support ticket and am hoping this gets resolved and the bug finally gets fixed. otherwise i will be contacting Mr.Rosen or Alexander (the only dev that cares about players even though he isnt the dev of SM anymore.). $300 might not seem like anything to you guys since you’ve been leeching off the players for awhile and are rich asf at this point, but i could have bought quite a lot of ice cream for that.

I will be flagging every dumb post about “you could have opened all the boxes you have enough gold to fuse with”. that is not relevant to the topic. i wouldn’t be just collecting boxes. it built up because i don’t have time to fuse away. i work a lot, so i just play and collect boxes and open when i have a day off (like today)



People, you’re right, it is true.

Unclaimed boxes are disappearing incl. fortune ones and premium Packs!
This is the worst and in deed illegal defect I ever saw in our game.

Also with small amount of unclaimed you can be victim of this robbery,
but still 0≠1≠2 and so on.

Ok, now I can stop asking myself if I’m going senile.
But tacticsoft must fix it!

I will flag this topic to show that it needs urgent solution.


this is very bad, if its not resolved I certainly wont be buying any more.

consumer confidence is key @Sarah247 @Mohadib


What in the world man, this is just ridiculous.


I gave the warning 2 days ago.
I can’t wait to see what happens with this one.

I’ve lost so many boxes because of that unknown box limit.


i saw your warning. but you had written that you had stuff disappearing past 840 boxes. but i had stuff staying in my inbox past 980 boxes, so i thought that they had fixed it by now. so i bought boxes. i figured if it wasn’t fixed, the boxes would disappear only if i log out and log back in again. I didn’t think they would disappear while i’m ingame.


i thought maybe for Christmas they would have a change of heart and not scam people


As I’ve said many times in the forums DON’T trust or think they have your back, it don’t work that way in the world of TS, maybe they will prove me wrong one day.

Be patient maybe Sarah can reimburse the stolen tokens (aka used to by stuff but TS coding box maximums STOLE back the boxes you just bought).

You’ll have to do what I been trying to do for some time now SOME HOW burn up every last item in inventory to free up unclaimed section.


If i get reimbursed in tokens, thats a scam. I bought those boxes at a discounted price and i want that number of boxes back. Anf i want them to fix their stupid bug/feature where boxes disappear


devs killing their own game , just cancel this game and refund the players their money.


Add to the scepticism and suspicion: two screenshots - one is made in advance, as if the author was prepared to ensure that there will be changes in the indices, the second screen no indicators of the amount of coins - is not known to us whether the spent coin, except for the purchase of one p-box.

Looking at the screenshots it seems that the author is not playing.


Do you realize that the devs are able to check if i purchased the boxes and what i did with them?

And do you also realize that some people brag sometimes? I took the screenshot of the 125 boxes and sent the screenshot to the chat im in to show my boxes, because its not every day you have that many boxes. I then opened my inventory to check out what i will be fusing anf what i will keep. When i went back to the boxes, most of the packs were gone. I took the second screenshot after it happened to show to @Elcent and the chat i am in.

I collected the reward from an achievement

I have no clue what this means.

If i knew this would happen i would have recorded video of it. Which unfortunately i didn’t. I was planning on recording a Christmas special for my youtube channel. Unboxing 125 premium packs. It appears that won’t be happening now. And it especially wont be happening in time for me to be able to release the video on Christmas


@Kaen - I had the devs look into this.
They are working on this. Not a scam just an issue we are dealing with.
Thanks for reporting :slight_smile:



The disappearing boxes are due to a storage limit in the database that we use. We did not expect players to reach hundreds of unclaimed boxes, but you never cease to amaze us :slight_smile:

In the next version of the game (hopefully released within the next two weeks) we added warning messages that tell players when they are nearing the storage limit, and more severe warnings when they pass it (and data loss might occur).


Hello Jonny i love you you’re a great dev. Always there for us. The limit seems to be different from player to player. And why not change it to not have a limit? I am recording videos opening boxes. To get best results i need to have the boxes stored in unopened. Getting boxes and opening them right away takes much longer. Part of my thing is opening big volumes (i have a few instances of 250 boxes being opened and want to later do opening 1000 boxes and opening 500. I cant do that if there is a limit to unopened boxes)