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Hi Folks,

I mentioned this in the news topic but not many replied - we’re going to have to setup a new community for SuperMechs (as quite obviously, this is a tacticsoft one), for those who are highly interested (like, mature, like to discuss, want to waste time discussing only that), you can PM me with “Forums” in the title and i’ll give you a discord invite.

Anyone who isn’t polite or tries to switch topic will be banned immediately, it exists only for deeply involved SM players to have a say in it. I reckon most of you will have a good time once it’s over so long as we don’t grossly mess up. No need to worry, we love communities and will take care. =)


Said discord already exists? I had sent you a PM yesterday already :slight_smile:

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Didn’t get any PM from you :\

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I’ll resend it then.

how is it possible to join a discord?

Can you explain a bit deeper for what exactly you want volunteers? Setting up new forum like mods or?


Yes I agree with Pavic here. What exactly are you looking for with this?

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As the topic says, its just discussion. No help or work, just, for people who want to be part of the discussion. :slight_smile:


Oh i get it, that sounds interesting. Sending you PM…

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I’ll send you a PM once I find a fix to my nonsense Discord never ending loading.

I like it, community involvement

Ima send you PM as well cause why not.

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Have you received it now? Or didn’t you check yet?

Nothing from you… How on earth are you trying to PM?

I press on you name, and then just click on the button ‘message’.

It worked before, but doesn’t now for some reason I guess.

My discord tag is Zylok#0001
Hope youre willing to add me as friend and then just send the link in chat.

Got a message from you on here now…

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Yes, I meant to send this on here. I also sent a third Pm to you which apparantly didn’t deliver either…

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Did you got my message?

Estoy de acuerdo bro

I messaged a min after the topic was made…
it seems that messages aren’t working properly

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I guess that’s the problem then, yes.

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