Sm 2018 the great beggining of the end

I don’t how to say this but this is terrible…My old game is going to be dead.And i want to make sure to stay alive…Whatever it is need’s to be done is too do something better…something that everyone love’s…maybe later…but this is the beggining…it will end soon…im just making sure to stay alive…if i did not make it.Well this is my or our failuare then…I dunno why did i post this but it should be enough.This is how i fell.That’s all,if you want to share felling’s then do it.I’m alway’s here.
-T Y Y M

Bad things were happening since the shop got deleted

Even worse than i though…

Shut up!
Keep positive!
All this negativity is making me want to go shoot myself in a corner.
We’re all fed up about this,no need to further demoralize us by posting more emo stuff.
Think optimistically for one second and maybe inspire us to keep cool too,as me,for one,I had a shit day yesterday due to this and today,when I see everyone quitting with me measure taken (yet) saddens me even further!
■■■■ this!
Be happy!

This dosent look negetive for me…(im trying posotive(also boi u can 't make me shut up))


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