Slybrood: The Return


Hi guys, it’s Slybrood here.

Some of you may remember me from old client where I played under Pancakes of Trask, or new client where I played mainly as Slybrood. I’ve decided to make a comeback to rejoin this fresh and growing community.

I’ve been playing BattleDawn since OC beta. Many, many hours out of many, many years have been spent in this game and this community out of me. I am 22, and I work as a professional web developer from the United States. I’ve decided to make a return. You’ll see me playing actively in the game and commentating actively throughout these forums. I’ve also decided to begin actively mentoring through the mentor center and expanding the Wiki again.

A background of my history in the game is that I’ve played for many alliances on both the old client and new client. Some of these alliances include: CME; KoTU; M; VVV; SoLD; SAGE; TKE; EoC; RFTA; BoS; TGK.

If any of you remember me or would like to connect with me, feel free :slight_smile: always available.


Welcome back Cody!

Enjoy the game.


Is there any other way to play if you don’t enjoy? :wink:


Welcome To The Community Slybrood!


CODY!!! welcome back brother. nice seeing you back here.


wow someone from the BoS age still lives


Yes! Very lovely to be back. :slight_smile:


I wish I could say that you’re making me feel old…


Welcome back! Glad to see you return :slight_smile:


Welcome back to the game Cody! It’s always nice to see old players make a return.


Of course, ready to get back into the flow of things :slight_smile:


Good to see you’re still playing :slight_smile:


KoTU here :slight_smile:
My IGN was BlueBunny


Cody lmao didn’t see the post, welcome back :wink:


Hey BlueBunny :slight_smile:


Hey Carter! :slight_smile: Glad to see you.


Oh hey there Cody, long time no see


Hey Alfie, I added you on Skype.