Skype Issues Info


Just making this post to spread info as it seems to be messed up rn,

Go to: < this is where skype updates if their servers are having issues, and when those issues are fixed :slight_smile:


skype causes my laptop to have a bdos siiigh


bd players seem to use discord now
spype is like retro (or not)


Really? I still use Skype, I haven’t heard of anyone using discord.


^^^ I don’t know anyone who uses discord for BD, altho it is a nice program thats better optimised than skype


Same, haven’t heard of any BD players moving over to discord yet. But I do like it ^^ It’s a nice system.


what do u mean by discord? I have been off skype for quite some time so I don’t know if its a new feature in it.


Its another communication app. Entirely separate from skype.


ooops. So is it better than skype?
Also does it work cross platform? Im kinda disappointed with skype bcoz of this.


It’s like skype but it was designed for gaming.

check it out here:


Well new forum, new life to bd so lets try new ways to communicate? what y’all say? Lets promote & encourage bd players to use it?