Skins (fifteen characters)

I know it has been discussed before, -customizing the mech “paint job”.
If the devs would allow us a vehicle to (READILY and SIMPLY) wrap our Mechs with a picture file, that would be super cock.
Whether a photograph or a very personalized sweet camoflage (or other) design created by the player, that could easily be translated to the exterior of the mech in total, or by componet.
What you all think?

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Going off this alone. I HIGHLY doubt they’ll add ones we can customize, just due to the fact it can be abused by idiots wishing to be childish and use Mature Content as skins.

So in short.


So basically wrap an image around the mech?

This is not a good idea. We’d have those toxic people running around with 18+ images for their mechs skins.

I know they can simply set a rule on that, but considering how slow this dev team is to fix issues, we’d have players getting away with it.

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So Custom Skins… Holy shit I want that cause I WILL download a Desert Camo for my mech

Would be cumbersome to monitor I suppose.
Devs could create “x” amount every so often that could be piped through the ware so that it is controlled. Just think of how loco players would be to have this option…Even if the players had to choose from their creations… Or maybe choose from player designed skins that are suitable.

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