Skill point to upgrade!

My idea was to have 1 skill point each time you level up, skill point can by used on one of these upgrade that I wrote(to upgrade them)

(1) 5% more Hit Point(base on your newest hit point)
(2) 5% more Dmg(base on your newest Dmg)
(3) 1 Resist(Exp, Pys or Ele)
(4) 5% more Cooling or Regeneration(base on your newest cooling or regeneration)
(5) 10 more Heat or energy
(6) 5 more Heat or Energy Dmg
(7) -5% of Energy or Heat cost
(8) have 100 more Weight to use

These are thing that can be upgraded.

P.S.: If you vote for it, write a 1


I think that would become way too complicated and there may be ways to become too broken

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…I agree…

I like your idea very much. However, since we are talking about mechs, who are piloted, why not add the real “PILOT” feature? And your suggestions could be “perks” for the pilot you can upgrade to boost your performance? I think it would be cool! Also, you would need 1 pilot per each mech, so if fighting 3v3, you would need 3 pilots!


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This comment should be a whole new idea topic on it’s own!! What a great idea!


I really like the pilot idea. Skill points could get you stuff like better drop rates, more rewards, stuff like that; better critical hit chance (if that’s ever added); and maybe you could use multiple skill points to unlock the really powerful things, like more weight. Naturally, keep in mind how easy it is to level up now… at least for a level 60 like me :smiley:

That Idea would turn SM into an MMO…Love it
I would be useful but I doubt someone will add 150 level perks into the game.Plus,there’s a possibility that the max-level players may get nothing at all (sorry for the pessimism).
Anyways,cool idea.

upgrades should be

  1. more weight
  2. better loot from campaign/ arena
  3. better drops from boxes
  4. better xp earning rate
  5. automatic 1 resist from one type of damage

I don’t really thank that increase the doping rate is a good idea.

is this the week of repost my legacy post?
im seriously considering repost all my old post updated

ehem the general idea of skill points is good but this way…
1 nonsense a 2k hp build with 10% (that can be upgraded) more?
2 its ok untill u look at 4 bunker shell/magma blast build
3 too little 10 would be good
4 nope
5 see 4
6 did u see valiant sniper crimsom rapture ash creator & etc heat & drain?
7 good but too op so no
8 totally nonsense
im gonna repost my old post about this

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hey @Mordulec should i revive my old post or just repost?
im pretty sure i put same thing but balanced based on battle mechs minigame

ok :grinning: :smiley:

good idea, not sure about the all the specs, but will give developers something to ponder, like the notion of PILOTS mentioned in this string as well.

a notion i’ve thought about is along the same lines- an AI chip that enhances similar properties you mentioned or maybe on the range of damage of a weapon (or any other feature) is enhanced, or otherwise improved to the upper 50% of that range, or other tweaks like modifying a 3to6 range weapon to EITHER a 2to6 OR 3to7, - etc.

Big picture stuff is Neat to think about, then gotta write code… but that is what the forum is for…maybe it will resonate with TACTI.

If you want to talk about that nonsense pilot idea, DO NOT TALK ABOUT IT RIGHT HERE!!!:rage: :skull: :skull_and_crossbones: :ghost: :alien: :space_invader: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage::angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: