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Where is the topic going?

You missed the ‘on’



Weekly Tournament Winner :
(week 12 / 2019)


+ :1st_place_medal:

… Congratulation :exclamation:




Weekly Tournament Winner :
(week 13 / 2019)


+ :1st_place_medal:

… Congratulation :exclamation:


Sidenote: Medal made/played by a Polish player (since there are 2 THE VIPER accounts)



Weekly Tournament Winner :
(week 14 / 2019)


+ :1st_place_medal:

… Congratulation :exclamation:



By the way you forgot to add this guy :
ING : Littlelost.


Nope, I did not forget, I only add players where I got a clear screenshot of the account and it’s medals :exclamation:

Player who were inactive and/or not seeable in the game, I only added with a screenshot of their account infos :exclamation:
I added as many as possible inactive accounts, where I got a screenshot from, the rest are ALL seeable in the game, because they are active :exclamation:

Thats the same reason I did not add Aegis (has 6 Single Gold Medals) nor Ogonna (has +14 Single Gold Medals … simple because there is not proof (clear screenshot of the account info) presented until yet :exclamation:



You don’t want to add LLYL Players.
By the way :

go ahead and add this guy.
Heard he is coming back.
Also heard Ogonna and Aegis are also gonna make a comeback, so go ahead and stop beating around the bush, and look for excuses and add these players.

Think the old gang is gonna get reunited


Nope - I only add players, were I get/got a proof …

  • seeable in the game

… so if the player is active EVERYBODY can see/watch her/his medals and/or take a screenshot of it :exclamation:

  • get/got a screenshot from the inactive players account

… it must be a clear screenshot of the whole player information incl. showing the amount of Single medals :exclamation:



@cyanine, Lolicon king, could you please screenshot Littlelost profile with the medal count when you have the chance. Couldnt find him online.


It is alredy screenshot and proved in the clan recruitment topic.
You saw it, betsy saw it… now can we stop makeing excuses and inventing stuff just to not add players?




Please Mr. @Berserk40000 … I do not want any negativitiy here at my thread / the Single Medals Ranking :exclamation:


I know, i did see the screenies and know he is back. Just the medal count aint displayed. Hence i asked Lolicon king, to cut the discussion short.


If you want a screenshot AND possibly code (if it’s not gone yet) of me fighting him, I’ll give it. Compare the energy mech seen here with the energy mech in the battle.

btw, if replays are still online on an old player, that means he still playing on arena or chat.


Hmm i highly doubt that. Pretty interested in where u get these infos? U we’re right about littlelost cause u 2 Hangout/ Talk to eachother…but WHO talks to ogonna or aegis? Cause they never mentioned anything. Im wondering…



Weekly Tournament Winner :
(week 15 / 2019)


+ :1st_place_medal:

… Congratulation :exclamation:


@CANOPY congratulation to your 15th Single Gold Medal / Single tournament win :exclamation:


Pretty soon you will overtake 0_0 (known as Rising, who we all miss, RIP) :exclamation:

Having known Rising very well, I am sure he is happy that a great player/winner as YOU @CANOPY will take his place :exclamation:



littlelost is still active, i’ve seen him in arena on my other accounts. he’s usually around rank 6 and his current clan (solo) is ComeBackofLegends



Add littlelost to the list.

He was confirmed by alot of players.
Yet you still refuse to add him to the list.
This list has no value, if you refuse to add real players that achived medals in the game, on the invented, unwriten rules, that you make on the go.
Either place the same rules on all, or stop inventing jugglery things just to justify your adversities towards certain players.


@bestplayerintheworld , if you include all players with a 1st Place Solo Medal, kindly include LLYL players as well that has gotten it. It seems that littlelost might be the only one not in the list.

If you do, it’ll at least show the nice side of you. :slightly_smiling_face:


She does include everybody.
Active players.
She just needs the screeny with the medal count showing.
If you have the chance


Also missing from the list :
Aegis : 6 gold medals.
Ogonna : 14 gold medals.
These are known medals counts.
And need to be added.
Retired or not, on coming back to the game, or strugleing to adapt to reloaded they have those medals.
And as long as in your list you haave inactive/ retired player :

Retired, due to obvious reasson. RIP.

certainly retired, wasn’t seen in more then 2 years.

Defenetly retired, exactly after reloaded

Also retired, even befor reloaded came.

??? haven’t seen this player, since i started playing.

also retired, even befor reloaded.

Also retired…haven’t seen him in more then 2 years.