Since it’s the last day of tournament





Nice kitty, is that yours?


T’was a pleasure. Good week.


@Powtaito congrats on the first! I was contemplating on joining you in the podium this week


It was really the Last fight…i was surprised and am soo happy


I’m so happy for you man! Very well deserved


Thx mate that means a lot to me


Indeed! Congratulations! Never thought I’d see #1 using Purifier. :stuck_out_tongue:


Congratulations @Powtaito, @Necromancer, @CANOPY and Trolls.



The almighty purifier…that thing even makes @lordgorgon poop a bit when he sees it


Hello.First of all -thank you for Your congratulations - we can show for all examples of healthy competition and mutual respect

Shenanigans ?..fuckery up ? -I think it is emotionally. We are objectively looking at the situation. Your clan is much stronger than ours, this is not to be doubted but … if there is the smallest loophole, we will use it.
And emotions … EMOTIONS … this is the only thing left in this game … no matter who lost or won, it is a real value.
This is a result of competition - let’s appreciate it

I wish your clan of future victories. I respect each of your clan -member

If I understood something wrong in this allegory, I ask you to forgive me
Regards, Miron


I meant no offense to you Miron, and thank you. Shenanigans and Fuckery = tricks and strategy. :rofl:

I like to have fun~



In my dictionary,Shenanigans - this is a lying trick, and fuckery up - it’s a bullshit. But I’ve thrown it out and completely trust you.My English is lame … I’m bad … sorry.And i like to have fun too. :+1:


This whole game is shenanigans and fuckery. :rofl::rofl::joy:


Not unless one of those means “luck”. :stuck_out_tongue: