Simulator demo bot account

Simulator account inwhich all item available with full max level so anyone can login for 20 min restrict per ip for 24Hour.
it will help new player’s to understand game better n it will encourage them to make their dream mech.

demo mech can play pvp
no reward for win
no reward if opponent quit

opponent do not lose star ladder point incase of quit
opponent no point incase of win or lose

  • Restrict
    name change
    token gain
    level up reward
    weekly ladder reward
    chat room
    upgrade tab
    gold coin
    any box claim
    daily login reward

yada yada


Kind of a neat idea… How about a simulator that lets you pilot some of the game’s top players mechs against NPC mecha. That way the mechs are alredy made and it won’t be so overwhelming. It would take a new player longer than 20min just to look at all the weapons and build a mech haha.

Basically a Rising Simulator?

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this look quite similar to a tread i sended to support long time ago
A simulator with all the myths at max to calculate weight and strategy
where u can fight the dummy (old bonus campaign mech that was just a boxing bag), would be an extra feature of the game and would help newbies to find theyre path and us to figure new strategies

Good idea , Maybe just a Simulation mode instead of another account…