Simple error......uugh

so apparently the programmers cant do basic math. i had a 33 electric resistance and was hit by a drone that did 19-24 damage and still took 1 damage instead of 0…
so i realize the people who made this game are really stupid…but all computers have a calculator that can do this stuff for you, they are taking stupid to a whole new level…
whatever, just fix the game

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You never get 0 damage,1 is the minimum.

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did you ever find that out? @Raistlistin Cmon you can do better than that. Zero dmg is so little

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Im saying that 1 being minimum is wrong, and it needs to be fixed

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What the heck lol, everyone is stupid because the devs programmed the minimum damage to be 1, Lmfao.

yes they did…because they are stupid and cant do basic math, they need to fix it so its 0, like it should be.

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Go away lol. It’s a game, not a calculator.

It will not kill you to see a 1 :neutral_face:

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Well maybe they should get one… so they will finally know what 50000 multiplied by 5 is. :slight_smile:

It’s 250000, NOT 133 million !


Whats wrong with that?1 dmg cant kill you,or even affect you

1 damage loses almost half the points in raids, went from 3,400 to 1,846. so its kinda a big deal, it definitely effects you