Silver box or base?

Should I go for silver box or base?
I would like to hear which one.

Do not enable base if you are early or mid game. (rank 5 or lower)

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No, do not enable it until you can compete in 3v3, 2v2, and 1v1 in rank 5-1. Even then, save gold before.

Im have an account that has base plus kin, so im getting it real easy on me. If you have kin, base is your best bet.

How much gold do you have? what is your rank?

its an abandon account, it was my hugger mech, im rank 15 on it, though i dont remember the gold, though 50k perday was helpful, and made me diligent to fight arena

Sad, I enabled it out of curiosity. Now I am stuck with base.

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You will be at a stand still… I also forgot to mention to buy 200 silver packs before activating.

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No it’s not. I have one with Kin and base and silver boxes are better.


well thats just you, i dont judge people on what they think, i just follow my heart(if i even have one) and thats all

Its just that base trades gold for time. I enbled base 4 weeks ago, and in that time saved up 700 mix boxes and 60 fortunes, and about 16 million gold.
I opened up 350 mix boxes, upgraded 2 E-D stuff to max, and made a myth(all the food was made by me as well)

So now, I have 13.5 million gold, and 360 mix boxes. Farmed 2 days worth of kits, and now back to not upgrading. I am leveling up my factories to level 15 first rather than the gold mines, so that I can use the ultra cheap option for upgrading stuff.

Looking back, i maybe shouldn’t have enabled base when I did,as i had 1 maxed mech and 1 kind of maxed mech, but I’m fine with slow progress, what’s done is done

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Don’t ever enable base =P


Silver boxes are forever superior to base. Base costs many, many more coins to create items and more time to craft than it costs to simply farm & buy silver boxes.


It was on an alt to test it, I still use that alt tho. (I wanna do a giveaway, yes I’ll contact the admins first Marija and Darkstare)

Hmm… :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Good words, I hated bases, but im starting to like it, Im trying to be a f2p who can max it out.

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