Silver box card glitch


I got a weird card in my box after watching an ad… It says that it’s legendary, no more info given. I swear to god that I did not photoshop this… There is something seriously wrong here.


Don’t worry,it’s a bug.
The mobile version has a special card that gives you an extra item (around 8 times a day) if you choose to watch an ad,after you buy a silver box.
However,the pc version of this extra card is broken.
Don’t mind it.


But why legendary?

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Maybe irony…because they never drop legendaries :laughing:
It’s a bug inside a bug.
Btw,if the previous post was helpful to you,please mark it as the “solution” to close this case.


It has been posted plenty of times, it’s something like the 5th thread about this I asnwer.
No one will blame you for using the search function, damn :sweat:


@willybobhero Like this,


like what??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


i have a silver box glitch to but mine is different
it just says please wait and won’t let me open the last card



Sometimes the advertisment not showing on screen but u still have to w8 30/45 seconds. After it an ‘X’ closing window button should appear in upper left or right screen side, click on it and u can click on card.

(For android phones) sometimes u have to w8 the 30/45 adv secs, after it click on “back” arrow smartphone button(it’s the phone bar with 3 buttons: the back arrow, the tasking button and the home dispaying button). By clicking on “back arrow” button the message “wait please” is supposed to disappear and u can click on last unopened card.

I hope it helps u getting out by this bug.


I often get the it bugged card after watching adv.

I noticed u are allowed to get 1 more card by watching adv video up to 5 times in row.
After it u shouldn’t be able see the message asking u to watch a vid to get 1 more card. BUT sometimes system glitchs, as it forgots u already saw adv vid 5 times, so system allows u to see video but at end of it the game system realize u already reach the limit and it shows u a bugged card like in main thread post photo is…

(@android game users) i noticed u can watch up to 4 adv vids for getting free tokens, up to 5 adv vids to get 1 more card at silver box.
U can try all of this about each 6 Hours.
I’m usually do it the 1st time at day i open mechs’ app, in the middle of my day and before going sleep.
I’m usually allowed to use adv bonuses.