Signs that show your'e a noob(sm version)

the title says it.I’ll start listing…

1.equipping six weapons on a mech
2.equipping 3 or more of the same weapon(except if it is magma blast or bunker shell)
3.if you have 4 or more myth’s and your’e still rank 10 and lower

thats it for now…

pls dont get offended if you one of’s just my opinion.also,I posted this here because this is just a crazy idea.



not a noob.

thats not a noob’s not included in my list.

Like i said soo

Oh wait i forgot to post a new one

It’s okay.
Of course you’d need more weapons as you’ll run out of ammo with less.
As your upgrading process goes on,5 or more weapon won’t be a necessity anymore.

Not just that,my modules are pretty garbage.They look like this

I want better legy’s,and soo drones.That’s why i can’t go to rank 10.

Dude,it’s okay.You’re still at the beginning of your journey.Nobody will judge.

Hmm?My sec acc is a begining but my first is an ending.(i wish if i can show you my mech at my frist acc,but it’s destroyed)

No proof, No go

Soo you don’t belive me?

I do, but I prefer proof, I heard you say it before

I could tell how my frist acc was…all my mech’s are black and they had mythical wich it is great.I still wish if i send you a proof.faqing facebook

Why’d you make a new account?

1.Becuse my frist acc got destroyed by facebook so i decided to make a new one
2.Becuse i decided to play it again idk why but i want revenge


WTF Xd i got Spartan Carnage :D(got it from mix box)

good!now pls replace terror cry with nightfall

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Good thinking…

good!replace rapid destruction with it

I know what i am doing…

You have a windigo? why stick with the banshee?