Side Weapon Advice


Hi friends, i need your advice. I prepare for my fourth myth. I can’t decide which weapon more useful for energy mech.

I have four side weapons.
Malice Beam lvl 50 3-6 range
Malice Beam lvl 40 (leg)
Bulldog lvl 40(leg) 1-2 range
Annihilation lvl 20 myth 1-2 range

And i dropped a Last Word now confused.
Which one transfo m from leg to myth?

  1. Second Malice Beam
  2. Upgrade Last Word and transform
  3. Bulldog

Thank you for sharing knowledge.

  • Second Malice Beam
  • Last Word
  • Bulldog
  • Other

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Drop the Annihilation for Last Words. They’re the backbone of energy mechs. I say upgrade and transform Last Words or go Bulldog all the way.

Also, a poll would be nice :smiley:


I created a poll :slight_smile:

I save annihilation for against energy mechs. My energy not enough for now. A Strong energy mech defeat me after my energy down. So I carry an annihilation for this…


Was just about to say that…
It ain’t that useful on an energy build.The thing’s made to drain resistance then your opponent’s soul…Replace it with LW,it would do a lot more good.
You should upgrade the Last Word then the Bulldog.You already have a myth MB so you’re good to go.
Trust me,this combo works really well (bulldog,hysteria,MB and LW).Instead of a second MB,why don’t you go for a Hysteria (when you get one)?You could use some extra range with the same drain as MB.That way,you would cover almost the whole arena (as for range).Push weapons and long-range ones work well with energy drainers.


you should also have a desolation for when you are far away and get energy broken


btw what is a bulldog?


A legendary-to-myth energy shotgun that can reach up to almost 500 dmg by itself when your target is fully drained! (has terrible RNG tho but it’s super helpful for energy builds,especially when in combination with LW and another high drainer like MB or Hysteria.Works well with UB too,but I prefer high drainers more.Like push them and drain the entire existence outta’ them hell yeah)
Maybe got into a bit too much detail right there hehe…


do you have a photo of it?


Btw this ain’t my photo.
Let’s thank @ToxicDoll for this one


oh…ok…I knew what that was…I just didn’t know the name… :slight_smile:
thanks @L4K3


Thank you @L4K3, i think LW upgrade and transform to myth best option. I agree with you. BTW i have hyteria lvl 25 (leg) but i dont use it for weight. Then i am remove the annihilation after i can use hysteria.


Yeah,I think you should do that.
I have kinda the same build but with an extra LW instead of the Bulldog (which I hope I’ll get someday) and I can say that,for a free-items build,it performs super well.
I even saw some top players going with pretty much the same strategy for drainers.Put your faith in it for it won’t let you down.


Buldog is more dmg oriented, but it serves the purpose.
A combo of buldog and last words… goes a long way in term of pure dmg.
I also use 2 last words, it kinda serves better vs other energy builds, because of drain and regen dmg.
Last words will be your friend in the long run, truat in it.


Seriously.LW is so trustworthy I just haaad to get a 2nd one :)))