Sibling Power! (I don't like the way we can't bypass the title word limit)

Who here are siblings? I would like to know.

Me and @casualdude are siblings; I am older by 2 years and I know a couple of other clan members who are brothers but don’t know if they want to be included in this topic (Sup Dankmemes and YeetMeme)

Name yourselves if you are kin.

I uhhh…im gonna get my brother soon

Do you mean being born or on the forum?

What?I’ve meant on born.
Also you shouldnt be rp’s. Be normal pls

Congrats on your brother!

And what?

LMAO i didnt meant that he will be born i’ve meant he will come at forums

Roeplayer’s…it’s trash like at german chat…

Oh btw my brother came to forums…

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Winz kay is not a roleplayer.;.

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As mentioned the yeet boi and me boi are identical twins bois

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Me and @Toasted_bird are twins.

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I have a younger brother who’s in Sm by the name SuperiorMecha™. Just recently got back to it after a few months. I’m pretty sure he’s in BTB, too.

Maybe I’ll convince him to join the forums soon.

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i got one to in game name red fury

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If he does join the forum just warn him that I will spam hi with hate messages until he cries.


thats still kind of mean though


Hes in my clan made up of mostly forum members lol, called bound to black

Let him know we have a forum lounge (Bound to black lounge)


My Siblings call me weird for playing BD


It looks weird and is difficult to understand

its old but Gold.⁣⁣

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That’s fair enough