Shut down galaxy

I think galaxy servers shud be shut down so that those servers can come to good use in BD. As galaxy has no more than 60 players per era its uesless to keep it going…
Alternative can be to merge 1 or 2 galaxy worlds with site…

  • Stay same
  • Merge
  • Remove galaxy completly to improve bd

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There is no reason to close down Galaxy. Closing Galaxy would mean losing all the Galaxy players with only a handful moving over to Battle Dawn.

Merging them doesn’t seem like a bad idea however would cause an upset to the medals that people have earned.

Personally I feel Galaxy has actually been growing steadily over the last year and seems to have some quite healthy activity at the moment.

Saw g1 no more than 50

Merger can allow galaxy players to play bd and bd players to play galaxy…this icreases competion

@Alexander what do u think???
For the sake of competion do this

It doesn’t work like this, and I am not amused by spamming and pm-ing an old idea that has multiple flaws (Galaxy doesnt have different servers, servers arent the problem BD has and closed worlds haven’t increased competition in the past and that won’t magically change because it’s a different theme, Galaxy’s players have no interest in and if you want to see all their medals and so on on .com, well, I think they might agree to that actually. Not sure if .com players want that though :stuck_out_tongue:

Before you start pming management and spamming your idea, please at least address the concerns other players stated or look back for old topics.