Shpethal Offffffersssshh



9 dollars on that one?
Lol ok


Damn you tacticsoft, it’s a hit for energy mechs because annihilation is energy and heat free, it was before hard to win anything but now when a lot have thanks to that dual annihilation it’s impossible to win anything when someone have this and have higher/same/a little bit lower HP than you…


This retarded offer won’t go away.


Are you kidding me? It’s a good offer.


‘‘good offer’’
Toal biased.9 dollars on this sht and won’t even get out of my face.


Yup, if you don’t have the parts for 3 phys mechs, it’s a good offer.


Who need’s it? This prise is supposed to be 5-7 dollars not almost 10.


Well, luckily for me, I’m just short a nightfall, so no reason for me to buy it. However, if I were short more parts, I’d gladly buy that offer real quick.


Just don’t buy this stupid prise.
It’s biased.


Eh… :man_shrugging:


10 dollars


For 10 bucks,you can get 530 tokens.
With this offer,your 10 bucks are worth 500 tokens and items.
You’re telling me that an Annihilation and a Nightfall aren’t worth these 30 tokens?


Told ya.


yeah cuz they are free items … why would they be worth tokens?


Well,it takes a lot for them to drop from casual boxes.Plus,30 tokens is pretty much nothing,just a refill.I’d say it’s worth.


More worth it the lower your level and therefore the more valuable epic items like these are to you. Many rank 20-10s would be delighted to get these two weapons and a good hook. Actually, even for higher level, it’s only a bit more expensive and gives 3 epics which either constitute 3/5 of epics needed to upgrade an item to a legendary for myth transformation or 3 good fusion parts. I prefer to buy bigger better value packs when I do spend so I’ll pass on it but if I were into buying 500 tokens at a time to simply cover prem accounts or whatever this would actually be a viable purchase even though I already have 3 max nightfall’s and 2 max anhilations I’m not using. #CasualFlex


Mate, these are ordinary epic-myth items… Why the hell would anyone pay real money to get this crap? During any item portal you could land dozens of each of these items… Ah, yes, wait… This is the beginning of a new TS approach… For money, you can purchase epic-mythical items. For F2P grinding you will only land rares… Legendaries? What is that, broh? No such item on record… No more words to describe how insanely stupid this is…


Well,you are right,but I mean…
For 10 bucks you can get 530 tokens.
For the same amount of money,you can get 500 tokens and these three items.
I,for example,very rarely drop any useful physical gear so it would be worth by me in this sense:30 tokens to save a lot of time of grinding before finally dropping them.Plus,30 tokens isn’t that much,but if you need those items,it’s a real time saver :slight_smile:


Just say ten for fucks sake… It’s $9.99… one cent off $10