Show your Zarkares painted

Hi everybody !

I just myth my first item (Zarkares as you can guess) and I wonder what render up the different colors on this torso.

May you show it (without weapons) please ?
Zarkares Myth

You can specify which color number you applied.

Here the colors and their corresponding number:
1 Pink2 Blue3 Green4 Ochre5 Yellow6 Red7 White

Thank you for your participation.

black color kit is the prettiest :wink:

upgrade it to level 50


Blacc is my fav…Just so you know.

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Zarkares 4 x


Nobody wanna reply this topic,
colors dont matter no,
(cause the level does , yeah)

I have 7

Mines level 50 its black

So it’s the clone wars with dark Zarks.

Paint It, Black