Show your mech building and special random battle

Did anyone have same funny mech building or battle,please post in this chat!:slight_smile:

A mech trolls energy59 PM

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That building is only good to fight energy mech!:stuck_out_tongue:

fail search player!
is not to fight you!

Are you really black?
You are in Hong Kong

BlackMan=Blackmech=maxed mech

I am a hong kong student!

How old are u?

And how old are you now?

Iā€™m a baby lol

fake! LOL
I think you are 20+

Lol,Iā€™m a woman
27 years old
This is my pic

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are you kidding me!T_T

What about for your mech building,can you show it to us?

Pss , @Ricemech88 ,dont show him ur mech , he will make a mech with 900 energy just to kill you.

that is not important,just show it the special building,of course i know what do you building


Be kind and dont do this. ever

Who you are?what is your player name?

Do you know who make do that first?