Show Personal Tournament Results


Would it be a good idea to allow players to see what place they finished in the tournament?

A simple message that might display:

“Tournament Ended: You were Finished _______ this week.”

This could help players monitor their progression, and the result would be more accurate. I know how rankings can change at the drop of the hat. You may be ranked 50 when you logged out, but with people playing, you might drop or rise without your knowledge.

If this could be recorded as part of player info, it could be useful. If not, then at least the player can keep tabs of his/her own progression in the ladder battles.

What do you think?[poll]

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When you make a post, at the top theres an option to make a poll. You can use that to set up a vote. Would be helpful to identify how many people agree or disagree with you.


Ah… there’s that poll option. I was wondering where it was. Thanks.


Yup. Glad to help. The more people agree with it the more likely it is that mods will notice it