Show off your mechs

I was wondering who flagged my post while so many people liked it , maybe because my sprites were too offensive to be posted

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possible or they just didn’t like your post

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Some people really cant really take a joke

Or they really hate advertising even though that isnt the intention of my posts

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that’s true as well.

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the reason was is that this topic has to do with actual supermechs not some images from something else

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Nice mech. Why not use the max protector though? Especially with the arena coins update, it’d add a LOT of power to your mech. Plus you have the weight for it :smile:

Almost maxxed out :wink:

this is all pretty much anyone gets to see50 PM 139 PM
quick tip for 2v2’s always use ur (bad but kinda good) mech first

It’s not my mech. it’s @casualdude 's mech

if I use the Maximum Protector…which module should I take out

An Iron plate - its your least powerful module (since its stuck at epic), and a max protector is really just a better plate anyways.

I’d say that depends. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t - I’d agree if your second mech is decent (maybe 75% progress compared to your 1st mech). Otherwise the other guy’s first mech will destroy it without batting an eyelash and get that 5% damage bonus early.

i mainly changed my torso to brutality because it was closer to evolving, plus weight management
: P

my mech


Time to show off this bad boy again.

Its repulsive I know


Definitely repulsive. Although I’d suggest using Grave Diggers to maximize that effect. :smirk:


Ah I can’t believe I didn’t think of that!

Well you know what they say. They do lightning “support” you. That torso helps you "win"digo. Drone is the dr’one’ to beat everyone. It looks "op"timus :3


Dude if anyone flags this they should definitely “mod u les”…

I abominated that

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