Show off your doodles

A place to show off sketches or just art in general. Sm or no, idrc. :wink:
I’ll start ya off. I drew this for my sister’s 13th birthday:

By far one of my best works


loosely based on escherion’s tower in aqw

i think i drew this like 5-6 years ago


That looks like something outa the skyrim dragon born dlc

I seriously have been trying to come up with something to say for this sketch for a day now… and still… no words. Amazing… I’ve never been able to shade very well, so I can’t really do shadows and shading all that well, but you nailed it! Love the detail you put into the tower, and I’m not sure what that creature thing is at the top, it it looks neat. And instead of leaving the background blank, you have a big sunset/rise that brings the whole thing to life. Job well done! :clap:t2::grin:

so it seems I did have words after all… I’m just not the best at using them :sweat_smile:

well im flattered

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A sneak peek at a part of the the BTB Poster/Banner:



And @trophy435, I tried to use that sunset idea in my current project, didn’t work out like I wanted it to, so I’ve compromised. That’s all ima say for now. :wink:

oh ok whatever works for u :slight_smile:

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After 3 days of working on the overall idea and making it a reality, I have finished my BoundToBlack banner/poster.


Loose translation:
Top part: BoundToBlack
Bottom part: I once was a loner, but now I have a home.
Correct me if I’m wrong on the first part of the bottom translation, but I know for sure I got the last part right. :slightly_smiling_face:
Just wish I had a way to digitalize this…
I’m good at sketching but not on a screen. Need a pad and pencils, and lots of erasers!
I wonder if @casualdude or @WinzKay or someone good with computer art could somehow save the image, use it as a base, and trace it or something to make it into a digital art piece. Would probably look better than my poor coloring skills. I tried that ombré sunset thingy but Idk if I pulled it off…

Reviving this topic with my new project

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