Should there be more claws?

There is a lot of controversy around the Claw. It is unique for sure. For a low increase in weight over Iron Boots (12 kilos), it offers 21% more HP than a plat plate. It kicks as hard as an annihilator.

The HP it offers can benefit any of the 3 classes, but it is designed as a physical item.

Iron Boots, Scorching Feet and Charged Walkers, these are all the same leg, each balanced to the class it is built for. Weight, HP, damage amount and kind of damage are all class specific. What if the same thing was done with the Claw?


I would assume they’d be useless.

The reason people pick the claw over other legs is for two reason:

  1. High HP.
  2. Ability to drop some plates for more mods.

If there was one for each type, I’d think their HP would be much lower than the original claw. Killing one of the many reasons people use the claw in the first place.

Unless their stats (energy/heat versions) were as unique as the claws. Then I wouldn’t see many choosing to use them over the phys version.

This is just my take, I would like to believe there is some tempting difference between all three that’d get people using the other two types versions. But that’s just hopeful optimism.


That would be my hope as well. Minimally, like the differences in boots, damage for heaters would need to be both explosive and heat, and damage for energy would be electric and energy.

Phys has always carried more HP, so that’s expected. The other stats (weight, damage amount, damage type) can still reach favorable enough balance to make up for HP differences. If that weren’t true, before the Claw we would have all worn iron boots or rolling beasts.

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I say they should make an energy version of Grave Diggers just for you.

Call them Lights Out :grin:

Maxed Mythical Stats:
3 Electric Damage
1 Electric Drain
2 pull :joy: (when you stomp you take damage)

They should force every EMP/VS carrying mech to equip them. Because electricians are too OP!



Look at those stats lol

Surely you jest?

Legs with pull lol seems legit

Wtf. Claw is good on any type of build not only phys…

I think what he’s saying is an electrician version that does 300 energy damage and 300 drain, instead of just phys damage.

That’s why I replied they deserve to have Grave Diggers version with stats as per my above post.

Electricians are way too OP …electricians need a nerf❗️


He got that down. He wanted something similiar to charged walker, boots and feet for each type. With minimal loss in HP while being able to dish out respectable damage for whatever type the player is. (Be it heat or energy).

It’s a noble thought, but not one I’d like to see implemented yet until testing is done and until claw receives it’s nerf.

Would not like to have another forum war about such items.

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No.But if you release heat version…

Agreed. Some adjustment seems necessary.

With Seraph, we saw how problematic it is when adjustments are extreme. I’d prefer to not see Claw be made average or poor. We have plenty of L-M items that are average or poor. We don’t need another.

Agreed. It can be good for heat and energy. It is great for phys. It was built for them.

Comparing Iron Boots, Scorching Feet and Charged Walkers, the weight, HP and damage amounts differ by roughly 86-88%, with heat and energy obviously being lower in all 3 categories but with the addition of some damage to heat/energy. Using these as a guideline would rule out @Mr.E’s generous suggestion of 300 damage and 300 heat/energy damage. His idea of making them kick like gravediggers is interesting. That would fall in line with TS’s recent desire to see fights occur over greater ranges. :slight_smile:

Claw needs some adjustments. Rather than being extreme, I thought it would be interesting to offer a milder adjustment, accompanied by the introduction of versions specific to heat and energy and appropriately scaled.


Dude! You deliberately misquoted me. I suggested that you guys should rather be given a special Grave Diggers called Lights Out with stats as per my above post. And you should be FORCED to use them when have EMP and VS equipped.

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If you are keep tagging mohadib in your funny posts like this he will just stop checking the posts where he is tagged. He barely checks them anyway so don’t make it worse, please.

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@mohadib please help

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At this time 45% of players have The Claw, another 45% have neither The Claw nor Platinum.

Of the remaining 10%, I would say that 8% have The Claw and Platinum (both) and 2% only Platinum (that’s because platinum is usually bought, so the one who buys usually gets the 2items).

So The Claw would not exist, that 45% that has it, would fall into the ranks of those who have nothing. In other words, 90% of the players would always be walking in the low ranges and a little 10% of the players would always be in the high ranges.

Now, a message for those who have nothing and for the f2p players. You will always have the possibility of getting The Claw for free on portals, sooner or later you will get it. Instead it will be very difficult for you to get Platinum for free. Platinum is usually purchased.

Therefore, those who ask for The Claw nerfed, because at this moment they haven´t it and feel discriminated against, should remember the fable of the 2-headed bird: "a bird had 2 heads, one day one of heads saw that the other ate a very delicious fruit and felt envy, then the envious head ate a poisoned fruit and the bird died. "

Fairy Tales and imagination-%-numbers :exclamation:


Only REAL solution …

Give The Claw the original weight 169 kg and 160 HP less :exclamation:
Problem The Claw solved :exclamation: :white_check_mark:


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The Claw is the best woot woot.

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