Should Sacrifices be Made?

So in my previous post,

I said that I got Sparked Runners and I got my Grim to max legend, as that is what you guys wanted. Now I want to know if I should sacrifice all of my heat legends on my main mech to get grim to myth. The only stuff I would keep are the modules, utility items, no drone, Myth Zark, and Myth Iron Boots.
So place your vote here.

  • Use your legends on your main mech to transform
  • Keep them, try to get options like regular legends
  • Others (state your reason below)

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Not sure if I should vote for “Keep them…” or “Others”.
My suggestion would be to level up some epic ranked items to level 30 and then upgrade them to legendary.
There are epics like Backbreaker, Nightfall etc. that you get regularly.
So when you have several of them upgrading 5 to legendary and then use them as sacrifices would be better than to use equipments from one of your other mechs.

Hey, a 3v3 setup with 2 power plants and 1 boiler is a very good combo. Leave your heat mech and start working on other 2 electricians! This is planning for the future, dude… Look up my setup in the game.

well, my mech has a dawnblaze at myth, CL at myth, and Desolation at myth. I am just hoping for another Dawnblaze, and a magma blast. If I can get them all to max myth, I could rule the game.

yeah, I told you guys already. I didn’t like tossing face shocker.

I’m sure that you have that you have seen the link, but here it is.