Should players like this be banned or muted?



If don’t like someone’s behavior you should mute them but other MMO got a report button Where’s the report button Tacticsoft
But this was not that much offending to be reported


em, “find where you live and shot you” is not something for report? ok ok we only have this screen and dont know the rest of conversation, why they go to pm, and why this guy try to make burn in hell to this kid…

actually some heat users say that, i say it sometimes: want melt someone with my trucky, or make some candys of mechs, etc etc. BUT IN GAME AND TALKING OF THE MECHS BATTLES (its something close to RP).

its radicaly diferent what i say than what we are seeing on the screen… so, why we will believe on this guy than the other one is saying evil things by pleasure, and not for RP? remember, german chanel is underRP all time…


I see i see…thanks…i see those people everywhere lol but it doesnt really matter…


when happen just ignore them… or bloke them in game