Should it require Energy to Stomp or Jump?


Thinking about things which would making being at 0 Energy a little closer to the Hell being Overheated. I think part of why Heat Builds are so devastating is being Overheated stops you from doing ANYTHING whereas being at 0 Energy still leaves a lot of options. Just a thought…


I thinks stomp should use no energy.
But make walk or jump use energy is good idea. :grinning:


My thinking on it… Walk would seem the least “Energetic”… plus since Stomp does damage it is for all intents and purposes a Weapon.


This is very much true, but after all, if you are totally ripped of energy by an enemy energy mech, stomp is the only thing you can use to attack. If stomp is energy-based, you will be toast no matter what… Thumbs down!


no please dont thats a horrible idea


right… and if stomp would require energy… energy mechs would rule the game?
Bad ideea… cause if you are drained… you are dead.


hm, that interesting throughs
what Ihave to say

  1. Normally, stomp is last resort weapon. When you have no range 1 weapons and enemy is close, or when you have no energy - stomp help you, and thus shouldn’t put any cost here. However, there is an exception: specific myphical legs with 2 uses and huge damage, in that cases stomp is not last resort measure but additional weapon you can put into “legs” slot. That legs’ stomp could have some cost, as you won’t be able to use it many times anyway.

  2. Original BattleMechs had jetpack. You travelled 250% distance, but used 13 energy instead of 5 to walk (yes walking used to cost energy back there; no it basically affected nothing). While “legs” walking normally consumes nothing (and, as we have alot of energy drainer weapons, I think it should stay as such for 1-tile moves), long movement could have some cost. Like, if legs can walk for 2 or jump for 3, jump would cost few energy, so fully drained mech still can walk for 2 but can’t jump so good.


There are quite a few Weapons which do not require Energy to fire. Especially ones which use Ammo. So I still would hold that being Overheated is FAR worse than being at 0 Energy. What spawned by whole train of thought was experimenting with an Energy Drain build. With a pair of Energy Swords I got my opponent to 0 Energy. Then they Stomped to push me away and fired some kind of Explosive Heat weapon at me. I could readvance, but with only one sword hitting I could not get them to 0 and it was all over. Well… even more all over… lol


Example of how Energy Loses to Heat: Neither the Infernal Axe or Meltdown Hammer take Energy to use, so if a Mech with those goes toe-to-toe with one using Lightning Hammer and Electric Axe the Energy Build gets Heat Locked even if they get the Heat Build to 0 Energy first.


Heat axe & hammer should really use energy because it’s too op :frowning:


no , then if this happens make armour breakers and shotguns use energy as well . OR MAKE EVERY ITEM CONSUME ENERGY! See its a bad idea , the game is balacned


I Am not sure many would agree that it is currently balance. Anytime I try something other than a Heat Built it gets flattened. Then again, I may just not have figured out the right combination. :slight_smile:


Don’t lose hope, there are alot of good builds out there.
But do remember it is a rock-scissors-papper game.While skill and tactic can compensate, it is not always enough.
Regarding the topic, stomps should not use energy, because it would make matches against drainer useless.
Think of it like this : Meet energy drainer with hammer and coldfire, in 1 turn it drains u, then just crushes u using teleport and hammer. Without a distance breacker like stomp, you would have to use shotgun(the heat one or the phis one or the energy one, Legendary ones that dont use energy). But your dmg output is low, and based on luck. While he will continue to deal more then 250-300 dmg each turn,you would deal 90-200.
He would make short work of you really fast.