Should I use Maximum Protector?

  • Yes
  • No

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if yes what should i replace

EPIC PLATES of course
And what about weight… Idk

weight is the problem

If you have teleport then you can throw it.

Probably the best item in the game. Needs to be maxed to be real efficient tho


i already got rid of teleport

Sad to say, but you need to rebuild it completely then. Protector is +14kg and you have -9kg. Then you need to get rid of 5 kg. Changing heat engine to cool down booster is an option for you.

Another option is throwing away nightfall and energy, then putting protector and hp plate :+1:

Replace the Cooling Booster with the Protector, then myth the Heat engine to compensate the loss of cooling ^^

But I dunno about the weight…It could be a problem…

Id say sacrify a plate.

It will help immensely. I tried same build with resi plate and without. It makes you much more likey to win

if annihilations would be 1 kg lighter :disappointed_relieved:

It’s +11kg

20 f characters

Definitely should use it; it’s worth scrapping other items for weight (only +2 kg if u replace the epic plate).
Multi res mods are superior to their plate counterparts:
And yours is a premium version as compared to your max epic plates.

Use savior resistance and fuse maximum protector into it (jk)

Get rid of one of the needles…

Right now you are mediocre against all builds, rather be OP against 2, which means dumping either energy or heat. Since you have 2 annihilations, rather dump out the energy mods.

You can only tune effectively for opposing two build types.

I would dump out 1 Epic plate and a regen booster. Then max out the heat engines and dump out 1 energy engine and replace with a heat engine at a later stage.

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Because you have rolling beasts I think you can try throwing harpoon and adding teleport.