Should I use a backbreaker?

These are my mechs:



not even on my second mech as a round ender?

Your mechs are fine as it is. I would suggest ridding the second of that bloody TC since it relies on pull rather than push.

excuse me

A mythical nightfall plus annihilation (Or mercy if you get one!) can be a good round ender lol.

im working on getting another nightfall

Why u are using old mods use them on the old weapons mech

they’re good for now

Don’t use backbreaker unless you wanna push back people to bring in rage for nightfall.
Another option is to dual wield… (Either with seraph or redwall)
Not many builds use backbreaker due to its highly varying damage(250-400, I think)
You wanna make a build and test it out?
Sure, you can.


Like Trans said. No.
The mech is perfectly fine as just it is.
Don’t add it.

Dont use it, but keep it stored in case they buff it.