Should i take off my paint

it starting to look weird 29 AM

  • Yes
  • No

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the torso is weird but no point taking off the paint u spent tokens to buy

change it for blue the green is weird

I think it looks pretty cool.
By the way,put the Seraph in the right hand and the meat hammer in the left (swap them around).
It’ll look much better.

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Thank you.
I’ll paint my Naga green when I get the tokens,then :slight_smile:


thanks thats what i did the first time i made the build but for the finish i wanted the seprah blade to look op

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should i paint my 2nd mech and what color 24 AM

how about no?
myth them and all your mech will be black(that s a non color)
don t waste your money on paints

also that s a smurf mech

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Did I hear SMURF?
Inded,that IS A SMURF

smurf detector

Eradicate all smurfs!

Seriously now,take that NF off!

Lmao trafa,I love you.


smurf spray buy it today!


i will fix it fine then just chill out

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don t take us too serious we are joking
it s ok you can make your mech as you want to
but for having an effective mech all items should be on same type


maybe try to replace that nf with a corupt light
will make a difference

maybe a UB since i dont have one

Ive read: “should i take of my pants” :))))


Green Is Epic and it means Gooooooo

LOL why on earth would you have a repulser???