Should i start playing super mech's again?

I have took a long break about a 6 or 5 month one therefor do you think should I start playing again or not?

Well…do you find it fun?..

5-6 months??

You were here like 3 weeks ago lol


i just guess how long i am away :3

Anyway’s back to the question of the topic should I play again?

If it’s fun for you to play sm then sure,

The fact that it take’s forever to farm suck’s but that game itself is fun :3.

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What are you talking about? It doesn’t take long to farm. It’s so easy! I don’t even have to watch the screen while I let the auto pilot do all the work.

I think he means that progressing in sm is slow as hell

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Lol. In that case, it’s gonna be rough.

No, No, No, not yet.

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*cough *

Excuse me? Is there something on the way?

finally got it

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No I just suck at super mech’s :3

I think you should play again :slight_smile:


Yes, please do. Best. Game. Ever.

…in it’s class


are you paid to say this?

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Yes 1000’s of tokens …NOT


Paycheck is in items then…
Cough plats

That sound’s like a good paycheck :3