Should I save up meh tokens?

So, I hear people save up their tokens until the 20% off sale.
So should I save up my tokens for this? Raids helps with the token getting process (IF I DON’T FORGET FOR THE THIRD SODDING TIME.)

  • Save Dem Up
  • Don’t Save Dem Up Ya Nub

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yes, save them up and buying premium boxes when on sale

Item portal coming soon so save up… I spent mine in Prem boxes though

For real how do you know when

Oh I read that topic

I know, I know, I know, everyone in the forum will say “Shut up Mordulec, you are a moaning and crying ass, always complaining”… But I do not care, and will tell you something from my experience. Box sales promos… Man, I spent like over 60k tokens on them. Number of useful items I received? 0. “But hey, dumbass… you drive a double Vailant/bunkershell combo”… True, but you know, I received these items from boxes dropping for achievements, NOT FROM PURCHASED BOXES IN PROMO SALES. My theory is that when a promo is introduced, TS meddles with droprates. OK, you will drop plenty of legends, my droprate is minimum 1 leg per PACK (I always buy packs), usually 2 per pack (my max was 3, I believe). Sounds exciting? Not really. All of them were two categories:

  1. Absolutely useless epic-mythical crap you could fuse yourself if you ever needed it (but who on earth would need a banshee or redeemer, or 4th scorching feet?)
  2. Legendary-mythical items that are so shitty you jump from the chair and pray to Lord Almighty to give you strengths to stop and not smash the keyboard or the monitor.
    But I keep them anyways. Take a look:
    Would you build anything useful out of this? Do not think so… My advice is:
    Save tokens, but not for box sales promos. Save them for item portals, and grind your ass off hoping you land a box with a legend.
    Edit: hey, just remembered I followed this advice with the Claw portal. Number of legends from this event: 0. Hell, perhaps just do not give a faak about tokens at all and play the game casually, without stress. I started doing it and it is much easier now! Cheers bro!

I honestly could use like 70% of this stuff. Like comon game gimmie these drops lmao

What for? You will never build a top 10 mech with these items. I lack 3 core items: platinium plates, resistance modules and claws. If you track top 10 players right now, the last item portal caused an earthquake in the top ranking. Now you see players I never heard of before (Undertale Sans… hm), they base their strategy on these items. The point is whenever I come across other non-claw players, the game is neck-on-neck, with excitement, and unexpected twists. Claws - there is vitrually no chance I can beat them, no matter what skill I show. And I tried various setups with my clanmates (Canopy, for example). I would have to get rid of all energy modules on my energy mechs to fit additional HP, and pray for physical only enemies (like Lord Gorgon, Neandertal Sans - no offence, but I hate you smashing my ass all over the arena, bro), exposing myself to other energies like a sitting duck… On the other hand, claw users just have to click the kill button. What is the point? Where is the fairplay? And Mercy - 520 dmg… GG, I got rid of Reckoning, because 99% it deals 200+ dmg. I tested it empirically. This is my own RNG with reckoning, the weapon weighing 90 kgs. I deal more damage with a stomp, FFS. So WHAT IS THE POINT?


Heat mass storage and hooks are pretty sweet. Dpending on your builds of course. Rest is quite trashy indeed…
Edit: i was already quite ok before the claw. Claw mainly increased my win rates vs high hp phys builds (like happy for exemple)

I was just saying that because I’ve yet to ever get anything decent since Seraph (which was at the very start of my sm career).

But you do bring up valid points. Especially on how three mostly unobtainable or obtainable in rather questionable way items seem to make the difference between “you’ll be a top player” or “you’ll never be a top player”.

And believe me, I’ve ripped the devs a new one every time since. Yet our cries go unheard. They don’t care if we do or don’t have the items. They only care for their own gain. Otherwise you’d see actual work being done to better improve peoples chances.

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Yep, they are, but I prefer Engines for bigger cooldown. Although I use one Storage, gives me and OK heat/cooldown balance…

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OFC, you are right. Dude, I have been in this game for a long time… I remember the times of the item shop (purchased 3 x 1kg teleports from the shop, wondering what troglodyte mind could invent such an OP module - for 1 kg of weight you have the same option as guys having to equip 11 kg tele… that is a lot…). It used to be different those times… We received boxes out of the blue (remember the YT channel subscription contest, with every reasonable milestone we received boxes… then one day SSundee came and spoiled the fun…), the community was HAPPY! Then the cooling module-gate came, this was the first sign of things getting out of hand… And the rest of the story is as you know it… Someone mentioned the date 2020 as the end of Flash… Guess what happens then… Any ideas? Yep, SM gets reloaded again.


You’ve got that right.

But an off topic question. I’ve been in the game since late october/early november of last year. I’ve heard of this Ssundee guy, but never what he did. Like what happened to make everyone hate the guy?

asking because it’s been bugging me for months

Yep “the carrot” comercial strategy. At some point in rank advancement, modules and special items (like claw and others in legacy time) are more important than gunz setup, and of course their drop rates are nano-chances (maybe this account limitations stuff as well)… you keep buying hopping to get these.

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I’m not really sure either, basically the game got a lot popular I think, and I also remember Liran maxing out Ssundee’s account and giving him a tonne of free myth boxes … We too got 1/2 boxes lol…

I want that wheelchair. When’s the garage sale?

Doesn’t seem like much to hate the guy for. Perhaps he did something with that stuff that ts or the community didn’t like?

I don’t think he did anything, Don’t think he even played much , he had too much stuff but didn’t know how to play lol

That was simple story. One day SSundee posted a vid playing SM. We were then like a few hundreds subs before the next milestone and box giveaway. The next day from 50k subs the SM YT channel went to like 600k, overnight. OFC the event was over, and we said Bye to our boxes… And yes, within a second an SM nub Ssundee became a top account, entered HTK, If i remember right, and caused a widespread frustration in playerbase…

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