Should I save my tokens for a angry blacksmith, or just buy a premium pack?

I have enough tokens to buy a premium pack, but I want the anhilation and war hammer, and terror cry

SAVE for tomorrows event.


what event? What is it about

Well, tomorrow should be a new item, drop rate in premium packs. That new items is either physical or explosive fortress. Unless the new owners of SM screws up the schedule. Yet still save.


so if i buy tommorow the drop rates of the new items will be better

Well, new item. So take a risk. Up to you… I would just save.

yeah but is the new item even good?

About that with the new devs are events going to change?

Yea. It is resistance plus HP. One of these should be in tomorrow… We will.

K ill try to be patient

Lol what about massive shocker feets


I really hope so, I need time to save up for the physical health hp mod.

thats what I keep saying that it’ll be one of those but @Pavic insists that its a weapon

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It could always be the energy res drainer


Nah Im not spending on new item, it prob not helpful for me build anyhow

why the hell would you buy angry blacksmith, the only one worth buying is the one with the ash creator (or crimson rapture)

first, what the hell is the ash creator, 2nd angry blacksmith has anhilation, terror cry, and war hammer. These are three solid good weapons. I feel like the most expensive mechs are rip offs as buying 3 premium packs is cheaper and you could probably get the same amount legendaries. The mechs in the middle are pretty trash, exept angry blacksmith

terror cry and war hammer are garbage

annihilation is… decent

but it’s 100% not worth… what 1500 tokens? just for an epic anni?

950 tokens, and why do you think war hammer and terror cry is trash

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Nooo… :open_mouth:

I love War Hammer! :kissing_heart: