Should I or not mod

HI I just reach level 90 and got my first energy mass boaster e-m and can’t find which to extange with it my mods are here Is this a good build for rank 13 is my mods which should I extange??

Couldn’t you have posted there instead?

kk I will do it but which module should I extange

You got pictures?

They’re much easier

No…lets move on

Just screenshot them, type in the Windows Search Bar (The one in the bottom) “Snipping Tool” and use that to take screenshots.

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here are my mods

Remove 2 plates if you want to be energy
Use that regen booster,you have such low regen

kk but still there should be 2 iron plates

Wait, You already maxed it?!

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Also, what is the “Unlocks”?

Cough cough

The items I unlock like

you have huge hp for a rank 13.
since you are an energy mech, pray for energy engines.
remove those plates, upgrade the mass booster, equip it.
pray for more engines, and equip them.

is there

you have high cap, but low regen and cooldown…
focus on modules for some time…
save some gold mate… i have 2.6 million right now.

cause u don’t have items to upgrade plus I get like 50,000 now from level up

2.6 million gold, I used to have 5 mil.

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off topic

I had 3.3 mil a week ago…

I’m Fort Knox with 68 Million :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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